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Wow! It's a bird. It's a plane. It’s Supersized.....

Today, I am going to start with a mini series of blogs on how to take good interior photos. The reason why I am doing this is that most of the photos taken out there are horrendous. We are going to look at why professionally taken house interior photos is going to make a huge difference towards helping your clients sell their house better.

Today’s Topic

Equipment – The type of camera used to take a photo.

Nowadays, our smart phones come equipped with better and better cameras. It does its purpose for our daily life even replacing point and shoot cameras as one handphone manufacturer tries to outdo the other by having better specifications at every iteration.

However, the bigger question is. Does it work for property agents when it comes to taking house interior photos for their clients? Let’s look at the equivalent of some of our most popular camera phones vs a professional camera

iPhone 6S/Plus - 29mm

iPhone 7, Samsung Note 5 - 28mm

Samsung S7/Edge - 26mm

Professional Camera – Correct equipment and position

These photos are taken at the specified focal length of the phone’s camera based on the specifications found on

What does these number XXmm means. It refers to the focal length of the camera lens. Basically, the lower the number, the wider the angle we can take the photos. Be careful not to go too low and it becomes distorted, ie fish eye effect.

As you can see, iPhone6S, iPhone7 and Samsung Note 5 have similar focal length at 29mm and 28mm.Samsung S7 series goes slightly wider at 26mm. You have greater details in the pictures compared to 29mm and 28mm.The biggest difference is when you go professional at 16mm.

Wow! Finally, we can showcase the size of the house.

Look out for my next tips on how to take great interior house photos by signing up here.

If you are an agent, you can sign up for notice of my training here on "How to Sell Houses in any Market" and "How to take great interior photos (practical)".

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