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About Me



I am Derek Woo.


Many people asked why I chose to become a realtor. My answer is simple.


I am proud to say that:

It is my Passion to serve and help others.

It is my Purpose to use my salesmanship to help my clients and my team of agents.


I have helped more than 100 satisfied clients sold and bought homes of a value of more than $70Million

Served more than 200 satisfied landlords and tenants to rent their place.

Taught more than 300 property agents on how to sell and market properties


A property agent with the heart to serve his clients.


I will Woo you with the best service and results!


I sell at the Highest Possible Price at the Shortest Possible Time.

Call me at 8500-6116 to understand how I sold many properties in 2 weeks.

FREE Valuation 免费估价 
FREE Newspaper Advertising 免费报纸广告 
FREE Internet Marketing 免费互联网营销 
FREE Financial Planning 免费的金融规划 
FREE Consultation On Bank Loan/Refinancing 免费咨询银行贷款/再融资 
FREE Sms Board-Casting (Latest Technology) 免费短信广播(最新技术) 
FREE Advertisement On Websites 免费广告在网站上 

If You Engage Me I Will Give You The Maximum Marketing Exposure!!! 
No Units Are Unsold Once In My Hands 
*You Don't Engage 1 Agent, You Engage 10,000 Yet Only 1 Controlling The Price!!! 
*您不只是在聘用我们 ,您将会在用1万个房屋经纪,但只有我在控制你的房屋价格! 

Planning For A New Career? 

Join Us Now!!! 
Mobile:+65 8500-6116

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